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Refurbished Dell vs HP Desktops & Laptops

I’m sure you’ve read many articles comparing Dell desktops and laptops against HP desktops and laptops so we thought we’d write this from our perspective. We process over 5000 Dell and HP desktops, laptops and monitors every year ranging from 2 year old to 12 year old models; this has given us a great opportunity […]

The Reliability Sweet Spot

It’s like a Bathtub! Did you know the likelihood of your computer or laptop failing can be broken down into 3 time periods? This reliability curve is like a bathtub! Firstly you have the initial 12 months where the expected failure rate is relatively high, this is due to: Mistakes in assembly Material Defects Design […]

Does Reliability Reduce with Age or Usage?

Ageing Gracefully! Buying a refurbished laptop can be a lot like buying a quality used car, however, when presented with a wide range of options some people try to simplify the process and make their choice based purely on age. But if you are at all familiar with the used-car buying process you’ll know that […]

5 Ways to Save Big on your IT Equipment

Are You Buying Based on Processor Performance? It’s Time to stop I feel like a broken record saying this but it still amazes me that many people, even those who are involved in IT, make the most common mistake in thinking that the processor is the key component in ensuring a faster computer or laptop. […]

Choosing the right Desktop Specification

It is easy to get caught up in all the specification, technical reviews and pressure from various marketing. Here is a few questions you should ask yourself when buying a desktop What are you going to be using the desktop for the majority of the time; internet, word processing and other basic use or more […]

Army Cadets

As a volunteer for the Army Cadets I was responsible for helping find reliable laptops on a limited budget. We approached Pure IT for this and found the whole process of ordering and delivery of refurbished laptops, very easy and the quality is always high.

Ryan Howieson

Spruce Carpets

We approached Pure IT Recycling to help us upgrade our IT systems without investing significant budget.

Once we agreed the correct specification for our needs Pure IT registered us for a Microsoft discount licensing scheme specifically for charities which gave us access to heavily discounted Microsoft software.

They kept us and our IT Company informed throughout the process of registering and installing this software on our systems before delivering the equipment to our IT Company for setting up and installation.

The quality of the refurbished PCs and monitors were very high and we saved about 50% compared to buying new equipment.

I would recommend Pure IT for high quality refurbished IT Equipment

Alex Weir
General Manager

Spruce Carpets


We offer IT support to a number of charities some of which struggle to find the budget to replace their ageing IT equipment which is not only slow but unreliable.

I approached Pure IT to see if their refurbished IT equipment could help with this problem. I was initially hesitant about purchasing refurbished computers and laptops as I wasn’t sure the performance would be up to scratch and how long the machines would last.

After speaking to the guys at Pure IT, I was sufficiently comfortable with the warranty they offered and their product expertise rather than just selling on price.

Since then I have purchased on behalf of or recommend our clients to Pure IT on countless occasions; everything I have bought has exceeded my expectations in performance, reliability and aesthetics.

I have found the service to be excellent; our orders are delivered on time, well packaged and as described with notifications from their courier of delivery time slots.

I have only had to use their warranty on one occasion and this was sorted with 1 phone call and at minimum hassle.

To any other organisations thinking about using Pure IT: Don’t hesitate, do it. By purchasing refurbished equipment from Pure IT; you get the same level of performance and reliability as products at over twice the cost.

Andrew Heede

Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector

Thistle Foundation

Thistle Foundation

As we are a charity we always need to ensure we get good value for money whilst at the same time ensuring the quality of the equipment we provide our users is suitable for the job.

We approached Pure IT to see if they could help with this. Although we already knew of Pure IT there was always a doubt at the back of my mind of the condition of the equipment. The website was describing it as ‘as new’ or ‘A condition’ but you always think it will turn up with things missing and damaged in some way.

So we started by purchasing a couple of laptops in order to ‘test’ Pure IT to see if what they advertised matched up to what we actually received. Now I need not worry as everything we have purchased has not only looked great but has worked to perfection as well which has given us the confidence to purchase more often when we required laptops and even desktops.

Over the last 2 years we’ve purchased a number of laptops and desktops and everything we have purchased so far has met our expectations and we are delighted with the equipment.   None of the users who use the systems we have purchased have ever had any issues, which has given us more confidence in Pure IT.

Not only have we been happy with the equipment Pure IT have supplied they have worked out cheaper than buying new, plus we got a good brand name.

Added to that the service we receive from Bobby and the team is fantastic, they are always very helpful with advice and keeping me up to date with delivery times and stock levels. Last but not least the free packet of sweets with every order is the icing on the cake.

Thankfully we have never needed to use the warranty and hopefully it will stay that way  J

To any other organisations thinking about using Pure IT: As we are a charity we always need to ensure we get good value for money whilst at the same time ensuring the quality of produce we provide our users is suitable for the job and Pure IT tick both those boxes. I would have no hesitation of recommending Pure IT to other organisations.

Scott Moncrieff
Head of ICT

Thistle Foundation


We had a customer who required a large number of refurbished computers on a relatively tight budget and within a tight time frame.

We had some reservations about purchasing refurbished IT equipment; as they are refurbished we were unsure what the quality would be like and if they would meet our client’s expectations.

We approached Pure IT and were very happy with their approach; rather than being fixed on selling they were more focused on how they could deliver on what was discussed. This is priceless nowadays.

From the time the order was placed they were good at keeping us up to date with the progress and meeting the ETAs that were discussed. After the order was complete there was no degrade in service; with over 350 units being delivered there was always going to be some faulty units which were quickly replaced by Pure IT at little hassle to our client.

The products supplied were perfect. And even more we were able to discuss some specific upgrades that will further increase the reliability of refurbished equipment such as SSD drives etc.

To any other organisations thinking about using Pure IT: The quality is very good, price is very good, the distributor can deliver and will not let us down so any support related to warranty is solid, what more can they want.


Midmarket Sales