Hinchingbrooke School

We decided to look into refurbished computers due to budgetary constraints dictating the amount of money I could spend and refurbished was the most cost effective option.

When we approached Pure IT Refurbished their no quibble returns policy and their willingness to solve any problems we may run into was the deciding factor for us choosing them.

When the equipment was delivered it was in good order and I was pleasantly surprised with the overall condition of the refurbished PCs.

The processor and RAM specification was exactly what I was looking for and the quality was as expected with the specification asked for.

I found the warranty support, the delivery time and the quality of service outstanding.

For any other School’s considering purchasing from Pure IT Refurbished. The equipment purchased is under limited warranty and the spec you order is what you receive, value for money is what you are ultimately aiming for and Pure IT provides it.

Rob Cooper Head of Technology Services

Hinchingbrooke School

Hutchesons’ Grammar School

We had an ever-increasing age of computing estate which was starting to cause reliability problems. Our priority was to replace as much of the estate as budgets would allow along with standardising models and system configurations for ease of deployment.

We approached Pure IT Refurbished to replace a number of our desktops and found the warranty given and the advice on model choice (that matched our experience) was very helpful. The sales advice provided by Pure IT Refurbished was about equipment rather the just sales talk.

Through the ordering process we were very much kept in the loop on delivery dates and times. On delivery the equipment was as expected and better in some cases.

Pound for pound the supplied product was great value, No–more faults than new equipment, Sensible packaging (so not hundreds of empty boxes lying round!) Long term reliability has proven to be very good.

Through both Pre and Post sale; the service has been very good from Pure IT, Good communication, easy ordering and flexibility. Warranty support is spot on, any issues were quickly dealt with in a very professional manor.

For any other School’s considering purchasing from Pure IT Refurbished; I would recommend giving them a call and chatting to them. Pure IT were not pushy, great advice and not trying to sell something that didn’t fit the bill. Give it a go, why not order 2/3 refurbished machines instead of one new and see for yourself.

Graeme Dench IT Support

Hutchesons’ Grammar School

Hugh Sexey CE Middle School

We are a middle school and like all public bodies our budget is extremely tight. Using Pure IT Refurbished has enabled us to continue to provide quality equipment for our students at a fraction of the price of new equipment. We simply would not have been able to meet educational needs without such value for money.

Pure IT Refurbished have been professional, patience and attentive to our needs and requirements Whether it be pre-sales or post it makes no different the service level is first class.

I have no hesitation in recommending Pure IT Refurbished and in fact have done on a number of occasions.

Chris Barrows

IT Manager

Hugh Sexey Middle School

Tytherington School

We first approached Pure IT Refurbished when we were looking to replace a number of our desktops for students and staff to use.  I was already sold on refurbished PC’s as I run a network of over 500 computers and over many years I have purchased hundreds of new and refurbished HP PC’s and know them to be very reliable.

For quality equipment like HP there is no difference in reliability between new and refurbished.

There are now many suppliers of refurbished equipment and possibly many standards of refurbishment.  My only reservations were how well the equipment had been refurbished and the cleanliness and physical condition.

Pure IT Refurbished had the right product specification at the right price which is why we initially bought from them.

The equipment they supplied had been refurbished to as good a standard or a better standard than any I had previously purchased. Refurbished equipment is obviously a very ‘Green’ solution and when buying in quantity the very significant reduction in packing material for disposal is not a trivial issue.

Warranty isn’t a huge issue for me as the equipment is so reliable but on the rare occasions when a fault has occurred the warranty support has been excellent with very prompt dispatch of replacements.

To any other School’s considering purchasing refurbished IT equipment. Given a limited budget you are much better off purchasing refurbished equipment of a quality manufacturer like HP or Dell rather than new equipment of lesser quality. I’ve been buying refurbished HP equipment for 10 years and that business model has not let me down.

Barry Hodgson Network Manager

Tytherington School