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Help zone contains sections which describe our site capabilities, the conditions of using our site, and provide other useful information.


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[av_toggle title=’Is there a minimum order quantity?’ tags=”]
No, we take orders from 1 unit to 1000 units
[av_toggle title=’When will I receive my order?’ tags=”]
All orders under 10 units are shipped out same day on orders confirmed before 12 noon, orders after 12 are shipped out the following day and larger orders are shipped within agreed time frames.
[av_toggle title=’Are we covered by a warranty?’ tags=”]
If anything goes wrong we send a complete replacement unit guaranteed within 48 working hours which can be upgraded to 24 working hours. We collect the faulty unit and there is no charge to our customer.
[av_toggle title=’Do You offer discounts for charities?’ tags=”]
Yes we have a discount program for charities and voluntary organisations and larger discounts for orders over 10 units.
[av_toggle title=’Do you install operating systems on your machines?’ tags=”]
Yes as standard we supply our systems with Windows pre-installed and a new Windows COA licence through the Microsoft refurbisher program. If this is not necessary we can supply without operating systems installed.
[av_toggle title=’Are all accessories included?’ tags=”]
As standard our computers come with power cables but don’t come with keyboards, mice and monitors unless it is a package listing. Laptops come complete with chargers ready to go.