Can you build consistency without buying refurbished IT?

We are hearing it more and more; standardisation and consistency of IT hardware, software and networking systems.

By standardising your IT hardware and software you can reduce your IT support costs, increase the reliability of your systems and make it easier for employees to share computers or laptops.

So what happens when you want to add additional PCs and laptops to your organisation but the model you bought new last year isn’t available anymore or isn’t available with Windows 7 downgrade options?

Buying a different model involves more time setting up and maintaining these systems adding to the cost and complexity.

Buying a system with a different version of Windows on causes the same problems as buying a different model but also could require extra training for staff how to use the new version of Windows.

By buying refurbished IT equipment you can choose any model ranging from around 1 years old to 10 years old with a number of different hardware specifications available to suit your needs. Windows 7 is still and will carry on for many years to be the prominent Windows operating system on refurbished equipment.