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Our Refurbishment Method | Tried and Tested

After 15 years and the refurbishment of over 150,000 items, we have refined our process to achieve industry-leading quality and reliability standards.

Every product is stripped down and any required replacements are made with original parts only, as we believe that the compatible parts used by others in the industry never last the test of time.

We rebuild our equipment before testing and cleaning it thoroughly, to ensure a look and performance that is as good, if not better, than the original manufacturer’s standard.

The 5 Steps to Reliable and High-Quality Refurbished IT


Dust Extraction & Visual Inspection

  • Taking equipment back to the way it originally left the factory.
  • A careful visual inspection is carried out to identify problems before any refurbishment work begins.
  • Any equipment with water residue, corrosion, or component-level damage is removed at this stage.
Refurb Process 1 - Dust Extraction & Visual Inspection


Stress Testing and Technical Remediation

  • Our 17-point functionality test is performed to identify any faulty components.
  • At this stage, we update BIOS to ensure full security from day one and perform BIOS setting standardisation to simplify your rollout process.
  • RAM testing and speed matching are completed using main brand RAM only.
Refurb Process 2 - Stress Testing and Technical Remediation


Testing, Cosmetic Grading, and Technical Improvements

  • We identify cosmetic and technical issues and resolve them using only original parts.
  • We repair and improve any technical and cosmetic weaknesses to give every unit a better reliability rate than new.
  • Any screens that don’t meet our Grade A standards are replaced.
  • Worn or foreign language laptop keyboards are replaced with original UK Keyboards.
Refurb Process 3 - Testing, Cosmetic Grading, and Technical Improvements


Order Build and Final Technical Checks

  • We build your order to your custom specifications.
  • We only use main brand Solid State Drives (SSDs) and main brand RAM to drastically reduce the chance of faults with the unit.
  • Your unit will come supplied with either a fully licensed operating system or no system, ready for you to image.
Refurb Process 4 - Order Build and Final Technical Checks


Final Cleaning & Quality Control

  • Our final quality control checks minimise human error and ensure our refurbishment work has made the unit as good as new.
  • One final round of cleaning is included, so your equipment looks like new on arrival.
  • We use the minimum fully recyclable packaging to keep your product safe in transit, reducing your unpacking time and minimising waste disposal.
Refurb Process 5 - Final Cleaning & Quality Control

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