Refurbished Dell vs HP Desktops & Laptops

I’m sure you’ve read many articles comparing Dell desktops and laptops against HP desktops and laptops so we thought we’d write this from our perspective.
We process over 5000 Dell and HP desktops, laptops and monitors every year ranging from 2 year old to 12 year old models; this has given us a great opportunity to record and evaluate the 2 companies.

Let’s Compare Dell and HP Desktops & Laptops

Firstly, we only process and supply high end business models so this comparison will only be taking those models into account. As you can imagine we have seen most models from both Dell and HP, from the Dell Optiplex GX240s and HP DC7100 with Pentium 4 processors right up to the Dell Optiplex 7020 and HP EliteDesk 800 with i5 and i7 processors. Still to this day we stick to our values of only sourcing and supplying the highest quality equipment which continues to be Dell Optiplex 7000 series and HPs Elite/EliteDesk desktops and the Dell Latitude E6000/E7000 and the HP Elitebook 8000/800 series allowing us to achieve reliability rates over 98%.


The HP Elite range and the Dell Optiplex have very similar attributes and performance when comparing the same specification, there is some small differentiation in ports but the main difference comes in reliability. Dell desktops have on average across all the models we’ve tested been 1% more reliable over the equivalent HP models; this is reflected in the price though where we find Dell desktops are around 5% more expensive than the equivalent HP desktops.


The Dell Latitude E6000/E7000 range is very similar to the HP Elitebook 8000/800 range, there is some differentiation in style, port configuration, touch pad and keyboard styles. It is also important to note that the Dell docking stations are compatible over a far long range of models and generation than the HP Elitebook docking station which may add to cost when moving from 1 generation to another.
The main difference again between the 2 manufacturers is build quality and reliability; from all the models we’ve tested and put through our quality control the HP Elitebook’s are around 1% more reliable and have significantly less minor and major cosmetic damage.
Now I want to state that we haven’t been throwing them around the warehouse mind you to come to this conclusion!!!


From our experience in the past we have found that it’s better to buy top business lines of either model. They are designed and built to last, they can take on the most mundane or advanced work. So, you can be safe in the knowledge that whether doing standard work or more advanced graphics work they will be able to handle most functions you require.
If reliability is your ultimate goal the we’d recommend Dell Optiplex 7000 series desktops and HP Elitebook laptops. However, knowing about the reliability of both products you will be buying quality whichever you chose.