Refurbished & New Parts

Refurbished & New Parts

High quality new and refurbished IT parts at discounted prices.

We’ve spent over 10 years building a reliable supply chain to feed our refurbishment process and we’d like to give our customers the opportunity to buy some of these parts.

On this page you will find a range or parts in different conditions. The condition will be clearly stated and described at the bottom of the specification tables on each parts page (click on a product below to view this). If the item is new, it will also be detailed in the product title.

New – All our new parts are genuine original parts, which we buy to aid in the refurbishment of our desktops, laptops, monitors or All In Ones.

Refurbished – All our refurbished parts have been taken from our desktops, laptops, monitors or All In Ones and have been thoroughly tested and quality controlled before being released for sale.

All Parts are supplied with a minimum 1 Year Warranty

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