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Solid State Drives (SSDs) – How Reliable are they?

There has been many questions raised as to how reliable Solid State Drives (SSDs) actually are.

Video Transcript

Today I’m going to talk about how you can reduce cost and increase the productivity in your office by understanding the potential of a new technology called Solid State Drive SSDs

For most people all the information on your computer or laptop is stored on something called a  hard drive.

Now there is 2 problems with your hard drive:

  1. It is the slowest component in any computer or laptop
  2. It is the most unreliable component of any computer or laptop

Let’s look at Speed:

  1. Are you able to make a cup of coffee while waiting for your system to start?
  2. Do you find it frustrating how long it takes to open any program or file?
  3. Do you find your system is generally just a bit sluggish?

This is down to how long it takes to get the information off your hard drive and not how fast your computers processor is.

SSDs are 5 times faster than a hard drive and as they work in a different way they don’t get that  slow down over time you’re used too!

Check out this video of a hard drive VS SSD test we ran:

Let’s look at Reliability:

Hard drives have always been the most unreliable component of any computer or laptop.

There is lots of moving parts and some of which spin very fast. Our average failure rate on our refurbished drives is around 3% while an industry average on new hard drives within the 1st year is around 5%.

Although we shared a survey recently that shows some drives with a failure rate of as high as 20%!

We’ve sold over 500 solid state drives in the last 18 months without a single failure and other surveys are showing similar results with the highest being around 1.5%.

So if this component is so much faster and more reliable what’s the catch?

Well they have historically been very expensive but have come down significantly in price over the last 12 months.

The average office computer barely uses 60GB of storage and you can buy a New 120GB SSD for as little as £45!

It’s a little surprising at these prices that so few new systems come with SSD but this is probably because manufacturers are trying to get rid of a back log of hard drives!

We now sell optional SSD upgrades with all of our computers and laptops.

Stay tuned for more tips on how you can reduce cost and increase productivity in your workplace.