St Clements High School

We had always tried to purchase new stock either direct or from resellers, as we felt it would be the best equipment for the task. We had never outfitted a whole classroom with refurbished equipment before, so was not sure if reliability would let us down and cause more issues than they would solve.

The 2-year warranty was a massive positive that we saw from Pure IT Refurbished. The price difference between Pure IT and buying new was also a huge contributing factor. We knew that ordering with Pure IT meant that we could save a lot of money, and felt comfortable knowing that any issues that could arise in the next 2 years would be covered under warranty.

Once we made the decision to buy from Pure IT, the process was pretty simple. Despite the company being over 300 miles away from us, delivery of a large quantity of machines was very quick, and exceeded our expectations greatly. For the 1 or 2 machines that have failed, a replacement was sent to us the very next day! This has ensured no major issues related to ICT lessons.

With the cost saving from Pure IT, we’ve managed to purchase and outfit more rooms than expected and have easily saved £1000+ already.

Of the two computer rooms we have, one is fitted with Dell direct 7010s and one fitted with Pure IT 7010s, and the difference in performance is negligible! Students and teachers heavily use all the computers we have received from Pure IT, and they have been incredibly reliable for us.

Pure IT make buying simple and they are really flexible; they allows us to change some specifications, saving us the time and effort doing it ourselves. In the past, we have requested additional RAM, upgraded Hard Drive capacity, and changing over to SSDs. Pure IT also has a large stock of machines, meaning you can easily order a large amount of the same model. This allowing us to have whole rooms fitted with the same machine, helping greatly when imaging.

When asking for quotes, we would always receive a response within 24 hours, sometimes in the same workday! The process was very quick and easy, and the staff were professional and helpful.

We have only had a couple machines become faulty in the first year of use. Pure IT are very understanding, and ship a replacement off to you on the same day. 99% of computers however have been completely reliable.

To any other organisations thinking of buying from Pure IT; if you are on a smaller budget and in need of computers at a lower price, I would 100% recommend Pure IT Refurbished. The service is
fantastic, delivery is fast, and the computers are just as good as purchasing new, but at a fraction of the cost.

Alex Cole – Network Engineer