The Federation of Tiverton Schools

We have been buying refurbished laptops for teachers since 2013. I have to say that we have had varying degrees of success and as the market for refurbs has increased there has been a corresponding reduction in quality. We have had had supposedly A-Grade laptops from suppliers which have been frankly terrible with several problems or defects; reprinted keys, worn trackpads, poor batteries and old magnetic drives. Often the limited warranties involved sending the device back to the refurb warehouse rather than being supplied with replacements, taking a long time and often being no better or worse than the original. It came to a head during the pandemic when we were being sent laptops which were frankly unusable.

I nearly gave up and was going to go back to purchasing new, with the resultant cost and lack of laptops being renewed, when a marketing email from Pure IT arrived. Since deciding to try one last time I haven’t looked back. Our account manager Anthony is always approachable and gives consistent and accurate information. The devices themselves are excellent in terms of quality, I sometimes struggle to find even small cosmetic defects that would suggest they are pre-used, and the failure rate is exceptionally low. I have had a couple of small issues with have been dealt with extremely promptly by Anthony and the service team and they always get me and, more importantly, the teacher up and running quickly. The warranty length is market leading and shows their faith in the products they refurbish themselves and then supply. I can honestly say that they are the first and only refurbished reseller I would now use.

Simon Forder – IT Manager