Pure IT’s 5 Point Refurbished Laptop Guarantee

Buying refurbished laptops has a lot of benefits over buying new. However, the quality of refurbished laptops varies greatly between different suppliers.

This because laptops are one of the hardest products to refurbish to a high standard.

Over the past 13 years, we’ve certainly made some mistakes of our own. And we’ve found that lower quality refurbished laptops generally fall short in five common areas.

Based on this, we’ve launched Pure IT’s 5 Point Laptop Guarantee. So you can be 100% sure of the quality we provide.


Pure IT’s 5 Point Laptop Guarantee

1. No Reprinted Keyboards

Reprinted keyboards look fantastic when they arrive. However, they are prone to flaking off over time.

Pure IT only use new UK keyboards. No US keyboards or reprinted keyboards.


2. 100% Genuine Adapters

A lot of lower quality refurbishers cut costs by using cheap “compatible” chargers.

Compatible chargers are not only less reliable but they can also be dangerous by overheating and melting. We have unfortunately experienced this while testing in warehouse many years ago and will not ever use compatible chargers for our own internal testing due to risk of fire.

Pure IT only use genuine Dell and HP chargers. No Chinese compatibles.


3. 100% Genuine Batteries

A lot of suppliers use third party batteries or don’t replace low health batteries at all.

This can lead to a short battery life that quickly degrades over time and requires early replacement.

Pure IT only use genuine Dell and HP batteries with 60% or better life. Any less and we’ll replace them with new genuine Dell and HP batteries. No cheap compatibles.


4. No Repainted Cases

A lot of suppliers re-paint lids or palm rests. This means they arrive like new, but wear off or flake over time.

If Pure IT need to repair a laptop, we only use new or grade A original parts. No painting over the cracks.


5. Warranty You Can Rely On

Fast and reliable warranty is a vital part of any refurbished laptop purchase.

Pure IT service our own warranty, which means we can keep our promises.

If you have an issue with any equipment, you’ll get a complete replacement unit shipped the next working day.

What’s more, we promise to action any warranty request within 2 working hours.

The Lowdown On Refurbished Laptop Quality


Refurbishing laptops to a high standard is difficult. That’s why it’s so important to choose a supplier that doesn’t cut corners.

Our 5 Point Laptop Guarantee focuses on the key areas where laptops can fall short. As a result, it means you be confident in the quality of our refurbished laptops. Especially when the warranty is so good.

If you’d like to test the quality of our laptops for yourself, you can order a completely free sample unit.

All you have to do is use the quick form here.

Please note: Free samples are only available to schools and public sector organisations.