Refurbished Apple Products

Does Reliability Reduce with Age or Usage?

Ageing Gracefully!

Buying a refurbished laptop can be a lot like buying a quality used car, however, when presented with a wide range of options some people try to simplify the process and make their choice based purely on age. But if you are at all familiar with the used-car buying process you’ll know that age can be a very misleading guide in relation to the cars condition and long-term reliability.

How Has it Been Used?

Presented with the option of a one-year old car or a three year old car you may think the choice is easy, you’d buy the newer vehicle of course… Or would you?

You see, once you delve a little deeper into their user-history the picture changes. The one year old car may have been used extensively by a travelling salesman, or an enthusiastic newly-qualified driver, whilst the 3 year-old car may have been used once or twice a week to go round to the shops and visit nearby relatives.

Does this not change the decision making process entirely? And now illustrates the point that reliability is related more closely to usage than age.

Getting Priorities Right

The thorough process applied to buying a used car is perfectly logical and should be applied when looking for a refurbished laptop. At Pure IT we ensure that all the laptops we supply are highly reliable in the long-term by prioritising our knowledge of their user-history. We only buy from trusted suppliers who can give us a clear and accurate idea of how the products have been used as well as how heavily they have been used.

Old Doesn’t Mean Worn-Out

Similarly to the used-car scenario we discussed, a one year old laptop is not necessarily going to provide superior reliability, performance and value. Would you prefer to buy a one year old laptop that has been used on a daily basis by a busy field engineer, throwing it in and out of his van, or a three year old laptop that has been sitting in a store room throughout that period, having only been taken out of its packaging once?

What Difference Does it Make if the Product Has Been Heavily Used?

If the refurbished IT equipment you buy has been extensively used before it can have an impact on its long-term reliability even if it seems to be okay initially. For instance, a laptop that has been carried in bags and thrown in the back of the car in a rush between meetings will have had its hardware damaged through the ongoing bumps as well as the wear and tear of constant ongoing usage, over-heating and stress it is put under day-to-day, all impacting how long it will last for the next user.
Stringent Testing and Thorough Assessment

As we have already mentioned, we know where all of the products we supply come from and how they have been used to ensure they will perform brilliantly for many years after they have been purchased. However, before we even consider putting products up for sale we put them through the most stringent testing process that will assess their usage-history. Hard-drive testing is included in this process to assess error logging data before replacing the hard-drive itself entirely to ensure peak performance for the end-user.

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