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Does your Computer come with a NBD Warranty?

Do you know what warranty your computer or laptop has, what it covers and what the downtime might be if something went wrong?

Can you afford 3-7 days downtime if your system fails?

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Today I’m going to talk about how you can reduce cost and increase the productivity in your office by making sure you get the right warranty support for your requirements

Have you ever had a problem with the computer or laptop you’ve bought from a shop, taken it back and found its taken days for it to be fixed or replaced?

Or have you ever purchased a computer or laptop from an online retailer and when something went wrong had to wait days for it to be collected repaired or replaced and sent back to?

Now this isn’t a problem if your computer or laptop isn’t a critical part of your organisation or if you have surplus units which can be used in this eventuality.

But if it is, then you need to ensure you get the right warranty support. Support which will deliver a replacement to your door or get a technician on-site within the minimum amount a time to minimise the downtime and the cost to your organisation.

These are a few different types of warranties which are normally supplied with new or refurbished computers and laptops; either bought online or through a high street shop.

RTB – Return to base – usually means you have to return to the supplier at your expense. There is no guarantee how long it will take for your item to be fixed or replaced
Collect & Return – the supplier will normally collect and pay for the return carriage but again there is no guarantee how long it will take to be fixed or replaced
Onsite – The supplier will send a technician on-site but there is no definitive time frame when this might happen.
NBD – Next Business Day – this is similar to the onsite warranty but with a next business day guarantee.

So assuming you do need a fast and efficient warranty to minimise the downtime in the event anything does go wrong

You will need to ensure you purchase from a premium manufacturers business range which will either come with a next business day guarantee or something similar.

The only problem is; you should expect to pay over £500 for a computer or laptop from a business range with a next business day or equivalent warranty

At Pure a fast efficient warranty is key to our service; as standard we offer a complete replacement unit delivered to your door within 48 hours in the event anything goes wrong. This is upgradable to 24 hours.

If you’d like to know more ways which you can reduce cost and increase productivity in your workplace; stay tuned.