The Reliability Sweet Spot

It’s like a Bathtub!

Did you know the likelihood of your computer or laptop failing can be broken down into 3 time periods?

This reliability curve is like a bathtub!

Firstly you have the initial 12 months where the expected failure rate is relatively high, this is due to:

    • Mistakes in assembly
    • Material Defects
    • Design flaws which haven’t been identified in testing
    • Damage in transit

This part of the failure curve is common throughout any product but will be worse in lower quality products. This is because, lower quality products will generally be tested less thoroughly, will have less stringent quality control procedures and will be built with lower quality materials all to reduce cost.

Don’t worry though, during this first 12 months the expected failure rate is constantly falling so if your product has lasted the first 6 months it has a better chance of lasting the next 6.

Once you’ve weathered the first 12 month storm you’re on to clearer waters:

Now you’ve survived the steep downward slope of the reliability curve you’re onto the flat part which is a prolonged and consistently low failure rate period called Random Failure. This period can last anything from 2-8 years depending on the product.

You see this is where you need to be investing in a quality products. Not only will a quality product more likely survive the first 12 months but it will drastically affect how long this low failure rate period will last before fatigue kicks in.

A high quality business Desktop, Laptop or Monitor model from a Premium Manufacturer like Dell, HP or Lenovo will be built to last 6-9 years before the failure rate starts to increase again due to fatigue.
I hope you got your money’s worth as the Failure rate is about to start increasing again:

Failure due to fatigue will kick in at some point but depending on the quality of the product, this could be 2 years after purchasing or 9 years after purchasing.

Again the quality of the product not only determines how soon failure due to fatigue will occur but how quickly the expected failure rate will increase.

We’ve seen the failure rate of high Quality desktops models from Dell, only gradually start to increase after the 8 year period and even after 12+ years are still respectably reliable.

On the contrary we’ve found low quality models drastically start to fail after only 3-4 years.
So how can Refurbished Products Help?

With refurbished IT products you can get better reliability over new product because:

  1. Equipment has passed the first 12 month high failure rate period
  2. All Equipment goes through a secondary round of testing and quality control which allows us to identify any potential faults which have been missed in the original testing or have started to occur within the first 12 months
  3. All the refurbished models which Pure IT provides are high quality business models which are designed to last 8+ year.

With refurbished IT equipment you’re getting IT hardware which is less likely to breakdown and cost you much less than buying it New.