Capital City College Group

As the Groups Support Manager it’s my job to ensure the right equipment is placed on desks for Group staff to work effectively. We have recently completed a large project that places a lot of systems in the cloud and as such the performance and power of new desktops isn’t as important as it once was.

Most of what our staff do is performed in a browser window so with the decreased need for more power and our ever decreasing budgets, we felt refurbished kit could fit the bill.

We approached Pure IT Refurbished with a particular emphasis on making our budget go as far as possible while future proofing the equipment to get the best out of it for the next 4-5 years.

After discussing this with Bobby and the folks at Pure IT, we agreed to upgrade the PCs with an additional 4GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. These were fitted before departure from Pure IT’s warehouse which saved my team and me a great deal of time when deploying the kit.

Throughout the project the communication between Pure IT and the WKCIC Group was second to none. Concise, clear information was provided on delivery times and the amount of kit being delivered. As we have 8 sites to cover this was a great relief and all kit was delivered to each site on time with no issues with delivery or the equipment at all.

Now the equipment is installed and setup; with the additional RAM and SSDs the machines are good for a minimum of 4 years. Although with more and more of our systems moving to the cloud and being accessed by an Internet Browser I would expect to get even longer out of the equipment ordered.

Compared to buying new hardware; there is no comparison to make really, it’s a no brainer for me and my tight budgets. Pure IT nailed it first time.

We felt the service Pure IT offered was exceptional; very pleased, good comms and delivered on time. I could not have asked for more from a supplier and as such I’ve nothing more to add, 10/10.

To anyone else who is thinking of trying Pure IT, refurbished IT equipment; be open to the possibilities refurbished kit can offer your business. Do you need new equipment to do the job? Probably not these days. Talk with Pure IT and see what they can offer you. Without the additional RAM/SSD being fitted at Pure IT’s warehouse we would not have been able to complete our summer upgrade project quite as easily which was over a 1000 units ordered. (The box of Haribo sweets that came with each delivery may have had something to do with it though!).

I will be returning to Pure IT for PCs, laptops and screens in the future, the value offered is exceptional and too good to pass on.

Nigel – Group IT Support manager